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This forum got reviewed! Empty This forum got reviewed!

Post by OrianthiFan4me on Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:19 pm

Check out the review of Orianthi World below. It was reviewed by a professional forum reviewer.

This forum got reviewed! Yfr214
Orianthi World

    This forum got reviewed! Red12 Quick Review

    -The forum name 'Orianthi World' looks kinda unique for me, so that's a nice first impression
    -Important forums can easily be found like announcement, introduction etc.
    -Short looking index which looks good and organized for a forum
    -Nice starting activity

    -The banner is too big
    -Low quality graphics on the forum
    -Most of the graphics are default/not changed
    -Subforums are shown which looks unprofessional
    -The theme you've picked is too simple.

    Try to fix the things I'd mentioned to improve your forum Wink

Hey! I made this place!!
I got to see Orianthi at KFest 2010 and she ROCKED!!!! Follow me on twitter!:

This forum got reviewed! Oriant10
That's the official promo picture! Spread it around in any ways possible!!

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