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Post by OrianthiFan4me on Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:24 pm


- Keep it clean in all ways. This forum should be for all ages to read.

- No spam! Do NOT re-post the same thing (or the same thing with minor changes) over and over again whether it be on the same topic, throughout several topics, or through PM. NOTE: this does not mean you can't double post (post two different messages on a thread without having the 2 separated by someone else's post) You CAN just edit your post but you don't have to.

- If I ever need to warn you about your behavior, accept the warning and do not argue.

- Don't give out personal information such as your address, your credit card number, your weekly income, etc. because I don't want to have to be blamed for someone getting robbed or killed all because of a forum post.

- Be nice to the other members. You're all Orianthi fans. "United we stand, divided we fall"

- Try not to swear. Its ok every once in awhile but dont get excessive. And especially dont swear to other people unless its obviously a joke.

- **** No fighting! You can strongly disagree with someone else's opinion and debate over it in a non-angry way. Please just be careful what you say. Word it so it can't come across in a hateful way. If you REALLY have a problem with another user, you can PM me before it turns into a fight and I'll come up with a solution.

- English only!!

If, under my beliefs, you break one of these rules, you will receive a warning PM. If you break a rule again, including that same rule, you will be banned for 1 week (7 days). If you break a rule for a third time, you will be banned for 2 months(62 days)! If you break a rule for a 4th time, you will be banned for a year!(365 days) And if you break a rule for the 5th time, you will be banned for life. Any rule breaking posts WILL BE DELETED OR EDITED WITHOUT WARNING!

*EXCEPTIONS* If your avatar or signature picture is inappropriate, you will be banned for 6 months! (186 days) Second time it is, you will be banned for life. If it isnt a second time but you break another rule, you will be banned for 5 months(155 days) and then if you break any other rule, you'll be banned for life.

**** I admit, I'm not the best at "debating in a non-angry way" and I've been in a good amount of internet fights SO I might cut you some slack on the no fighting rule. I know that I easily get into fights out of nowhere sometimes. If I see someone who obviously was trying to start a fight though, that person will face full consequences.

If you have any questions on the rules or if you're wondering if a certain thing will break any of the rules, feel free to either post it on this thread, post it in the "Comments/Questions/Suggestions" section or PM me.

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